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Welcome to GreyMan Style, a website and blog for the style-conscious man of mature years.  We hope you will enjoy visiting our site in search of tips, advice and opinion on all matters sartorial, as well as the occasional jolly good chuckle and all-round “great craic.”


As we grow, we’ll look to diversify our interests and reviews, so we welcome comments and suggestions from our adoring public (please, please adore us – we come from a broken home and need all the reassurance we can get!) – not promising we’ll always do what you ask us to do, but we’ll certainly bear your opinions in mind as we develop.  Yes, I know that sounds just like every other establishment or business these days – “we value your opinion, so please let us know what you thought of our service today, and we’ll look at all comments and suggestions before deciding to carry on exactly as we always have done: thank you for calling, blah, blah, blah” – but we really would love to know what you think of us, so………..

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Who Is Grey Man?

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Who Is GreyMan?

Well, that’s me, I suppose.  I’m a fifty-something grumpy old geezer who doesn’t have any formal experience in fashion or design, but who has now spent quite a few years fostering an ever-deepening interest in style (I’m deliberately avoiding the word “fashion” here) for men of our age, assimilating a wealth of useless knowledge along the way, but formulating my own definitive views and opinions which, if you ask me nicely (or even if you don’t ask at all), I will share with you over the coming months and years.

These are just opinions……….

No doubt you will have opinions of your own, and I really would be fascinated to hear them and, who knows, be influenced by them.  So please feel free to comment on any of the opinions I offer but please, please, remember that they are just that - my opinions – some are good, some are bad, some are serious, some more “tongue in cheek” (I’ll let you decide which is which!), so please be gentle with me and, in the best tailoring traditions, “cut me some slack” from time to time.  I’ll respect you in the morning if you’ll respect me, too.  Thank you – I think we’re going to get along just fine.

Is this Website For Me?


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So, who should visit GreyMan Style and read this blog?


Look, by now I rather fancy that you’ll have got the gist of what we’re about – you’re a man of maturity, good taste and discerning judgement, after all, so you’ll know that this is the website you’ve been looking for all your life (except that, when you were only knee-high to the proverbial grasshopper, there were no websites, so why did you waste all those years looking for one?) 

But, just in case you’re still not quite sure, ask yourself these questions.  How old are you?  If you are under 40, you shouldn’t be reading this.  No, really – it’s not natural.  Go away.  Find some sex and drugs and rock-and-roll, but you’re really not ready to join us here.  It’s an age thing - you’ll understand…..eventually.  And here’s another thing;  do you own a cardigan with some moth damage on it,  and some Church’s leather slippers?  No?  That settles it, then – this ain’t for you. 

The thing is, we’re a very select band of discerning gents, all of whom have celebrated the nineteenth anniversary of their twenty-first birthday (and probably quite a few more, too), so you see that we’re really not what you youngsters need.  By all means come in and have a look around, be a bit inquisitive, then come back when you’re old enough to understand all the finer things in life for which we fogies stand. Spiffing.

Well, that’s enough of all that – please come in, have a pootle around and enjoy our website and blogs.

Happy pootling,


Who Is Grey Man?

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